Developing leaders for better business

'Leadership is a gift, it's given by those that follow, but you have to be worthy of it.'
- General Welsh, Chief of Staff (USAF)

Developing peak leadership is the key to achieving improved team performance and business success.

The following programmes are based on proven training techniques used in the UK armed forces
and commercial organisations, tailored to give your people and your business a boost

Peak Leadership

Much is expected from our leaders. This programme utilises both military and business concepts with interactive training methods to develop agile and resilient leaders for your business, improving their effectiveness and business profitability.

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Personal Peak

A Leader cannot lead others until they manage themselves. This programme is for improving personal efficiency at all levels of the business, especially when used in conjunction with the Peak Team or Peak Leadership programmes.

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Peak Team

All team members must know what is expected of them. This programme introduces the team ethos so admired in our armed forces, structured so your team know how to perform 'at peak' to support management and business success.

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Peak Experience

This is the ultimate experience to test and develop managers, their team – or both together. Suitable for all, this outdoor programme provides a challenging, fun and memorable experience, which with the periods of reflection relate well to the work place.

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At Peak Development was approached last year to help design and deliver a Cultural Adviser Course for the joint force Defence Cultural Specialist Unit.  The course is aimed at developing exper...

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‘I cannot recommend highly enough Andy’s inspirational courses that drive to the core of what makes you and your team tick and how you can improve your team to deliver greater performance for your organisation.’

Sam Yee, Department for Education

‘Andy's enthusiasm for the development of others makes you want to meet him half way...the effort he puts in to your personal development in such a short period of time would mean you were letting him down if you didn't maximise the training he offered. You get out what you put in!’

Andrew Bailey, Co-Director DIMEC

Training Bites

Developing an appetite for leadership? All our programmes can be delivered by bite sized sessions, as can any training needs you may have.

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